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The paradox of carbon tax.

Ensuring a just and equitable transition toward low carbon shipping - a dry bulk shipping economics perspective.

By Voytek Chelkowski@ Seamind Blue Ocean

Ensuring a just and equitable energy transition in shipping is a must if it is to be truly sustainable and it takes time to get this right.  Yet, time is not our friend when it comes to the environment and, paradoxically, when we account for dry bulk shipping economics, time may work against a just and equitable transition too.

Decarbonizing shipping industry:

the one opportunity no company can afford to miss

By Voytek Chelkowski @ Seamind Blue Ocean

2021 has offered plenty of evidence that can be viewed as early warning signs of the onset of a ‘decarbonization tsunami’ which will change the competitive landscape and disrupt business models of maritime transport as we know them today. The future of shipping companies and cargo clients alike will be shaped by how they respond to these signs today.

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