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Strategy and Change Consulting

We assist ship owners and charterers in viewing decarbonization through the lens of opportunity for growth. And ride the impending wave of change, faced by the shipping industry today, to build their future competitive advantage.

We help them craft strategies, chart the course, and, working with our partners, design solutions to start seizing future opportunities and managing the risks of tomorrow today.

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf

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Knowledge Development 

Working together with top-ranked business institutions and academia and experts across the maritime value chain, investors, and technology providers, we create a learning environment for individuals and companies to develop the knowledge and skills, needed to transform their business in the era of decarbonization.

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Learn and

Stronger together

Joint-Venturing and Business Model Innovation  

We identify collaborative opportunities among stakeholders across the maritime value chain;  ship owners, charterers, investors, marine energy providers, and innovators, to drive the sustainable transformation of the maritime industry.

We consult, structure, and negotiate Joint Venture Agreements, including  SNP contracts and long-term cargo agreements, leading to the construction of ships equipped with novel propulsion and fuel technologies.

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Public Speaking

We moderate and deliver presentations on topics ranging
from shipping economics to change and societal issues.

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